About Us

The National Organization for Mammary Enhancement supports boob enhancement for God-fearing American Patriots. We support Carrie Prejean, “Miss California,” for deciding to augment her knockers. She is a faithful Christian, as evidenced by her reply to Judge #8’s question at the Miss USA pageant.

NOM’s decision to give glory to her as a staunch supporter of opposite marriage was a brilliant decision. With her celebrity status and upgraded rack, she and the twins will bust their way through the conservative world. And now that non-opposite marriage is overtaking our nation, we need those persuasive bezooties on our side more than ever.

But remember, we can’t do this alone. It takes hard work and funding to keep this organization abreast. Boobs need your support. Your padded 18-hour seamless support. Please donate today. Visit the “Donate” page for more information about donations.


5 Responses to About Us

  1. Alex Cheney says:

    This website is so funny. Hey are you putting people on your blog roll. I would be willing to put a banner from you site on my blog for free if you would be willing to put my blog in your blog roll, thanks.


  2. Alex Cheney says:

    Thank You Very Much, I’m going to add a small ad for your site on my blog: Will be up soon. Thanks. Contact me again if you need to.

  3. Brandy says:

    I love it!

  4. whatthefuckblog says:

    Please join the “National Organization For Marriage Should be BANNED From Facebook” Group!


  5. Jason Rashad says:

    That’s so funny. I am a convert to Islam. As a bearded, radical, Muslim fundamentalist who dreams of Osama and rabidly opposes the American way of life, I fully support the infidel conspiracy to augment the feminine mammary apparatus for it shall prove that there is a nefarious Western plot to prove they have bigger boobs than in the Eastern hemisphere.

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