The National Organization for Mammary Enhancement supports boob enhancement for God-fearing American Patriots. We support Carrie Prejean, “Miss California,” for deciding to augment her knockers. She is a faithful Christian, as evidenced by her reply to Judge #8’s question at the Miss USA pageant.

NOM’s decision to give glory to her as a staunch supporter of opposite marriage was a brilliant decision. With her celebrity status and upgraded rack, she and the twins will bust their way through the conservative world. And now that non-opposite marriage is overtaking our nation, we need those persuasive bezooties on our side more than ever.

But remember, we can’t do this alone. It takes hard work and funding to keep this organization abreast. Boobs need your support. Your padded 18-hour seamless support. Please donate today. Visit the “Donate” page for more information about donations.

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11 Responses to Welcome

  1. Michael Ditto says:

    This is hilarious, but you should be clear about where those PayPal donations are going. Are they just going to the person who made this video? are they going to the repeal Prop 8 campaign? HRC? Are they tax deductible?

    You could likely raise some dough if you were clear about that.

  2. jugs4jesus says:

    Right now they just support me, who spent hours making the ad… because I’m a poor queer girl living in South Philly trying to make it as an artist and hoping to be able to do more of these. 🙂

    I’m not sure what charity I would donate to, quite frankly. In fact I didn’t think anybody would really donate. It’s kind of like, I see this as the equivalent of me being a street performer and put a cup out for people to drop their pennies and quarters into. ^^

    So, at the suggestion of a friend, I just put up a donate button and said “support boobs! donate!” Which I guess means you’d be supporting MY boobs.

    Haha I would say the donations are not tax deductable since I’m not a registered 501(c)3. But good question!

  3. Ely Nance says:

    I have supported your righteous Crusade to keep right-wing propaganda and Christian fundamentalism visually appealing! You will conquer because an army carrying the Holy Boobs before it cannot be beaten…God Wills It!!!

    Here’s some inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k97ApJiJD9c

  4. Martin says:

    This is fantastic…

    So delightfully pointed, even when the weather isn’t cold 😉

    Miss California is a gift that keeps on giving in so many ways. She/they are an opportunity for important conversations about

    — equality (and, no, I don’t just mean the left one and right one)
    — moral consistency
    — sexism, how we treat women, and how women are taught to view themselves
    — body image, and being OK and loving our natural selves
    — religion and rationality.

    Good work!!! (and, no, I don’t mean the surgeon…)

    • jugs4jesus says:

      Thank you for your comment Martin, but in the future, if you do not use a valid email address, your comments will not be approved.

  5. Seth says:

    Thank you for giving my hungover Sunday morning a good swift kick in the butt. This is wonderfully funny and creative.

    I want to know how much money this beauty contestant is getting to promote “traditional marriage” What the hell is traditional marriage anyway??

    • Marlene says:

      “Traditional” marriage means if you have enough money, you can go buy any woman you fancy, even though she may never have heard of you, let alone seen you.

      “Traditional” marriage is forcing your property (because that’s what your wife is!) to have as many kids and you can create with your sperm. Your property has no choice in the matter, nor does she contribute anythng to the procreative process.

      “Traditional” marriage is being able to beat your wife with a switch no bigger than your thumb if she refuses to submit to your God-ordained leadership of your family.

      “Traditional” marriage means you have the right to sell off your daughter(s) to anyone with the right amount of money, or has the ability to advance your social standing, or business connections.

  6. Thomas says:

    I do hope you sent a link to Maggie Gallgher. This was absolutely classic – well done!

  7. Lauren says:

    Great job Em. I hope you get lots of donations, so your boobs can get all the support they need.

  8. Kcho says:

    a recent report…
    Name/date/issuing authority.
    Sample data/ detailed sample sources/ control group, etc. Talk about biased…anything 2 convince people that wrong is right, huh?

  9. Kcho says:

    man+woman=marriage; re-defintion: impossible. ha

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